ANJ Snooker Premier League II

We had 11 teams participating in this year’s edition with each team consisting of 3 players who were auctioned for by our sponsoring partners.

The tournament kicked off on the 20th of May 2022.

All the teams faced each other in the league phase of the tournament which took place over an exciting and thrilling 4 weeks of intense match-play which saw numerous games go down right to the last black ball as all the players fought their very best to try and clinch the victory points.

With surprising performances, gritty play and most importantly teamwork, the end of the league stage shocked us all with some of the strongest competitors getting knocked out in startling fashion.

Team Computer Pride finished first in the league stage as they secured 9 wins out of their 10 games with invincible strategy and gameplay and as a result qualified directly as the first semi-finalists of this year’s edition!

The remaining six qualified teams had to battle it out in a knock-out format to join team Computer Pride as the remaining 3 semi-finalists.

Team Noorbhai vs Team SMB
Team Burhani Express vs Team Oracle
Team Meps vs Team Impala

Team Noorbhai and team Burhani Express won their respective knockouts to meet in the 1st semi-final in what was one of the most awaited matches of the season. Two of the league’s most dangerous and fierce opponents competed in an exhilarating semi-final as everyone had their hearts in their mouths as they stunningly watched these players put up an amazing display of snooker mastery.

On the other hand, the league favourite’s Computer Pride had a difficult task at hand in the 2nd Semi-Final as they had to face team Meps who qualified for the last remaining semi-finals spot. The experienced team Computer Pride once again put up a brave battle with clever tactics as their young opponent’s team Meps brought about innovative styles to counter their ferocious competitors.

Finally, team Noorbhai emerged victorious to face the young team Meps in what was a repeat of the ASPL Season 1 finals which saw Captain Moiz Rasheed’s Noorbhai against Captain Burhanuddin Najmi’s Meps.

Once again, the spectacular nerve-wracking finals went down to the absolute last frame of the game where experience and calm came into play as team Noorbhai pounced at the chance of victory and finished as the ASPL Season 2 winners!

The league’s greatest earnings were the young players who participated in this year’s tournament and outplayed even some of our Veteran players with sheer determination and practice. Of notable mention from these players is Hussein Jamaly who won the star of the tournament award.

With snooker, there is always break building and we saw creative and accurate positioning and gameplay from the players all throughout the tournament. Outstandingly, two of our players, Burhanuddin Najmi and Aliasger Dodh compiled breaks of 28 and were tied for the glorious highest break award.

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