East Africa Bohra Community Cup 2022

It’s a proud moment for our ANJ Nairobi Sports community. To witness close scores, clean games and true passion for the sport; to witness the brotherhood formed around support and true uplifting of the sports spirit is something else altogether.

We are thankful to our EA brothers from Eldoret, Tanga & Malindi for making their way to Nairobi. And AJSN & Burhani Park Town for making their way here.
Let us keep coming together in support of ALL sports.
Come be an active part of growing together as a community and improving everyone’s game and fitness level!
Cheer on
Get fresh air
Share experiences
Promote young talent
Lots of reasons to be on the grounds to improve mental health too!

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  1. Mustansir Dalal September 8, 2022 at 7:09 AM - Reply

    Great tournament

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