East Africa Bohra Community Snooker Cup 2022

Having completed another successful tournament, the ANJ snooker fraternity is proud to announce the following:

1st position – Nairobi Eagles (Yusuf Najmi, Taher Tajbhai, Moiz Rasheed, Murtaza Dossajee, Aliasgher Dodh)

2nd position – Daresalaam Vikings (Aliasgher Zavery, Burhanuddin Zavery, Dr. Abbas Essajee, Mohammed Pothi, Burhanuddin Kilanga)

3rd position -Mombasa Slayers (Hassan Namajee, Huzeifa Haji, Khuzeima Pothiwala, Murtaza Khuzeima, Nurudin Haji)

Player of the Tournament – Murtaza Pothiwala (Msa)
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork (Best Team) – Daresalaam Titans
Captain of the Tournament – Yusuf Najmi (Nbi)
Star of the Tournament – Burhanuddin Kilanga (Dar)
Recognition for Best Dressed Teams – Daresalaam
Recognition for Most Enthusiastic Spectator – Murtaza Dossajee

After a nail-biting semi-finals against rivals Mombasa Slayers, the Nairobi Eagles potted their way to the finals with a 3-1 win.

The Daresalaam Vikings proved to be worthy finalists to the Eagles; firing up the table with a thrilling comeback while they were down 2-0.

In the end, the sizzling snooker duo of Taher Tajbhai and Moiz Rasheed secured a 3-2 victory for Nairobi Eagles in the final deciding frame.

ANJ couldn’t be more proud to host such a show of brotherhood, passion and talent. Games went on to wee hours of the night, such enthusiasm! The sports centre is grateful to the participants for making their way to the Nairobi snooker room.
A shoutout to the fans watching links online too! For there is no event without its players and its spectators.

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